Reflections on low-dose radiation, the misconceptions, reality and moving forward

27 September 2021

M Lips, E Anderson, T Nakamura, F Harris, G Schneider, J Zic, C Sanders, J Owen, J Hondros
and A de Ruvo

Journal of Radiological Protection 41 S306

Low dose radiation has been widely accepted by the radiation protection community as presenting a very low risk to human health, if any. Over-conservatism in optimisation principles and regulations have resulted in a  disproportionate fear of radiation amongst the general public and government authorities alike, overlooking the great benefits nuclear science and techniques have brought to society as a whole. As such, the World Nuclear Association advocates for a recontextualisation of the radiation hazards with regards to low dose radiation, and a greater awareness as to the absence of any discernible effects associated with it.

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