Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century

4th Edition

Author: Ian Hore-Lacy 

ISBN: 978-0-9931019-3-9

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Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century is an authoritative resource for educators, students, policy-makers and interested lay-people alike. With balanced and accessible text, it provides:

  • An introduction to nuclear science
  • A valuable account of many aspects of nuclear technology, including industry applications
  • Answers to public concerns about nuclear power including safety, proliferation, radiation and waste
  • Up-to-date data and references

Now in its fourth edition, the text of Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century builds on seven editions of Nuclear Electricity (1978-2003). Since the first edition of Nuclear Electricity, the intention has been to get behind the controversies and selective arguments, and present facts about energy demand and how it is met, in part, by nuclear power.


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